We offer short-term contractor rentals for a range of professionals looking for somewhere to stay whilst working in the area. More convenient and efficient than hotels, our contractor lettings are a great alternative, with short-term rental options available across the North East.

Our spacious and fully equipped, self-catered short-term lettings are perfect for those looking for a place to stay while on business trips or carrying out contracted work. With a number of short-term corporate properties available in a number of locations, we can cater to the needs of those looking for short term lettings.

Please call or email us to discuss discounted rates for longer periods.

From our Durham office, we can help you find the ideal corporate rental property for your needs, giving you the opportunity to concentrate on business.

Why use Toast Lettings for your contractors?

Cheaper doesn’t always have to mean compromising on quality – or your needs. When in Durham or the surrounding area, finding cost-friendly accommodation can be easier to do, as this welcoming city in the Northeast of England doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket as much as its southern neighbours.

However, this isn’t to say that Durham doesn’t have as much to offer to locals and tourists alike. This historic city stands on the River Weir, with its centre possessing great venues and historic buildings. The following are just some of the reasons why using Toast Lettings might be the right thing for you-

  1. Serviced apartments are better value for money than hotels
  2. Accommodation can be booked close to your desired amenities
  3. Placing more than one person in a property reduces overall cost
  4. Booking directly with us rather than through a third party platform reduces cost
  5. High quality home-from- home properties means happier staff members
  6. Helpful staff to deal with any issues at the property including inhouse Housekeeping & Maintenance

Contact us for more details on our Contractor Rentals