Toast Lettings: Ideal Short-Term Graduate Accommodation

Toast Lettings provides a diverse range of accommodation options tailored for graduates and young professionals seeking short-term rentals after their studies. Our spacious and well-equipped properties are perfect for those looking to establish themselves post-graduation.

Your Postgraduate Journey

Starting a postgraduate course, whether it’s a Masters or a PhD, involves numerous considerations:

  • Funding: Securing financial support for your studies.
  • Part-Time Work: Balancing part-time employment to support your living expenses.
  • Career Opportunities: Planning your career path post-graduation.

Crucial Housing Decisions

One of the most critical aspects of this journey is deciding where to live. Whether you need:

  • A temporary rental for fieldwork relocation.
  • Specific accommodations to meet accessibility needs that standard student housing can’t provide.

Our Accommodation Offerings

We offer a wide variety of high-quality, self-catered graduate rentals on a weekly basis, spread across excellent locations. Each property is unique, ensuring there is a perfect match for your individual requirements.

Our Location and Support

With our office based in Durham, Toast Lettings is dedicated to helping you find the ideal short-term graduate rental property to suit your needs. Contact us to explore our range of accommodations and find your perfect home away from home.

Contact us if you would like more information on our Graduate Rentals